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Sep 15, 2022

Important Committees and Commissions

IMPORTANT COMMITTEES AND COMMISSIONS SN DHINGRA COMMITTEE –  2018, – Anti –Sikh riots, 1984 Delhi . Malhotra Committee – Insurance Reforms Janaki Raman Committee – Security Scam Ajay Vikram Singh Committee – Faster

Sep 14, 2022

Revolutionary Movement

History of Revolutionary Movement in India PHASE-I OF REVOLUTIONARY MOMEMENT Revolutionaries opted to follow the Russian nihilist or the Irish Nationalist.  This methodology involves individual heroic actions such as 1)assasination of unpopular English

Sep 14, 2022

Mahatma Gandhi

Important facts about the life of Mahatma Gandhi and his contribution to freedom struggle  MAHATMA GANDHI Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2 October 1869 to a Hindu Modh Baniya family in Porbandar

Sep 14, 2022

GI Tag

GI Tag What is GI tag and list of GI products The word GI is an indication of the geographical location which indicates the product associated with a certain area or region. Actually,

Sep 14, 2022

HP Economic Survey 2018-19

HP Economic Survey 2018-19 THIS SURVEY CONTAINS TOTAL 22 CHAPTERS 1 & 2 . GENERAL REVIEW & STATE INCOME & FINANCE Tabled by CM Jai Ram Thakur on 8 feb 2019, in legislative

Sep 14, 2022

HP Budget 2019-20

HP Budget 2019-20 -TABLED BY CM JAIRAM THAKUR IN LEGISLATIVE ASSEMBLY OF HP ON 8TH FEB 2019. -An outlay of Rs.7,100 crore has been proposed for the Annual Plan 2019-20 which is 12.7

Sep 12, 2022

HP BUDGET 2020-21

HP BUDGET 2020-21 On March 6, 2020, Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur, who also holds the finance portfolio, presented paperless (read on laptop) budgetary proposals for 2020-21 in the legislative assembly of Himachal