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One Liner Current Affairs

April 2022, One Liner Current Affairs


1. Who has become the third woman to win an Oscar for Best Director for Netflix’s ‘The Power of the Dog’? Jane Campion
2 Which film won the Best Film award at Oscars 2022? CODA
3 Which Indian city is ranked as the second noisiest city in the world? Moradabad
4 Which state was ranked first in the ‘Best State Category’ in the 3rd National Water Awards? Uttar Pradesh
5 Who has been named the new CEO of FedEx? Raj Subramaniam

6 India Ratings has cut the GDP growth forecast to how much for FY 2022-23? 7 percent
7 Which country hosted BIMSTEC Summit 2022? Sri Lanka
8 The Dearness Allowance for central government employees has been hiked by how much percent? 3 per cent
9 Who is known to be India’s first female doctor? Anandi Gopal Joshi
10 When is Gudi Padwa Festival celebrated? April 2
11 The Armed Forces Special Powers (AFSPA) Act has been extended in three districts of which among the following states? Arunachal Pradesh
12 Which country is facing its worst economic crisis with extreme fuel, food and electricity shortages? Sri Lanka
13 How much tax will be imposed on the transfer of virtual assets from April 1st? 30 percent
14 Who among the following actors has announced his retirement from acting after being diagnosed with aphasia? Bruce Willis
15 Who won the women’s singles title at Swiss Open 2022? PV Sindhu
16 Who has entered the top 10 of Hurun Richest Self-Made Billionaires List 2022?  Falguni Nayyar
17 The RBI Monetary Policy Committee has projected how much GDP growth for FY23?  7.2%
18 Who is set to become the next Chief of Indian Army Staff? Lieutenant General Manoj Pande
19 The I&B Ministry blocked how many YouTube channels for spreading misinformation on April 5, 2022? 22
20 What is the name of the new COVID variant that has reportedly been detected in Mumbai? micron XE variant
21 Who won Grammys 2022 award for Best New Artist? Olivia Rodrigo
22 Who won Grammys 2022 Award for Album of the Year? Jon Batiste
23 Which state government is planning to implement Him Prahari Scheme in border areas? Uttarakhand
24 The World Health Organisation has suspended which vaccine’s supply through UN agencies? Covaxin
25 Viktor Orban has registered a fourth consecutive win in which nation’s general elections? Hungary
26 Which private bank has announced a merger with India’s largest housing finance company HDFC Ltd? HDFC
27 Which nation won the ICC Women’s World Cup Final 2022? Australia
28 Which year was Siachen Glacier captured by the Indian Army? 1984
29 When did the tragic Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place? April 13

30 Who will be the first recipient of Lata Deenanath Mangeshkar Puraskar? Prime Minister Narendra Modi
31 What is the theme of the first quiz under government’s Sabka Vikas Mahaquiz? Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana (PMGKAY)
32 When is Ambedkar Jayanti celebrated? April 14
33 The World Trade Organisation has downgraded the global GDP forecast for FY 2022 to how much? 2.8 percent
34 Who has won EY Entrepreneur of the Year award? Falguni Nayar
35 Which state has been ranked at the top among larger states in NITI Aayog’s State Energy and Climate Index? Gujarat
36 Which state topped the NITI Aayog’s State Energy and Climate Index among smaller states? Goa
37 Which country has come under international criticism for its Zero-COVID Policy? China
38 Which country has announced that it will default on all its $51 billion external debt? Sri Lanka
39 Who has become the second Indian to score 10000 runs in T20 cricket? Rohit Sharma
40 Which country will host FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup this year? India
41 Which nation will host the 2026 Commonwealth Games? Australia
42 Who has become the first batter to retire out in the IPL? R Ashwin
43 Which nation has successfully tested the world’s most powerful nuclear-capable intercontinental ballistic missile? Russia
44 Which Indian cricketer has been named among Wisden’s 5 ‘Cricketers of the Year’ 2022? Rohit Sharma
45 Which state may soon introduce new and stricter laws regulating the sale and purchase of land? Uttarakhand
46 When is World Earth Day observed? April 22
47 Which among the following drug manufacturer has developed Paxlovid Covid antiviral pill? Pfizer
48 When is World Heritage Day observed? April 18
49 African Swine Fever has been detected in which among the following states? Tripura
50 China has signed a signed security pact with which among the following South Pacific nations? Solomon Islands
51 Who has surpassed Virat Kohli to become fastest Indian to score 6000 T20 runs? KL Rahul
52 Indian-American Shanti Sethi has been appointed as which world leader’s defence advisor? Kamala Harris.
53 Who among the following has retired from International Cricket? Kieron Pollard
54 The first known human case of H3N8 bird flu has been reported in which country? China
55 Russia has withdrawn from which UN body? United Nations World Tourism Organisation
56 Which airline has proposed to acquire AirAsia India? Air India
57 Which country has become the first one to suspend the Covid-19 vaccination programme? Denmark
58 Which Indian actress will be part of the 75th Cannes Film Festival Jury? Deepika Padukone
59 Who is in the process of buying Twitter? Elon Musk

60 Which country has created a new Guinness world record by simultaneously waving 78,220 national flags? India
61 Which two states have signed a unique knowledge-sharing agreement? Delhi and Punjab
62 Which country was the largest military spender in the world in 2021? US
63 Who won the Laureus World Sportsman of the Year 2022 Award? Max Verstappen
64 Who has won India’s solitary gold medal at the Asian Wrestling Championships 2022? Ravi Kumar Dahiya
65 Who has been appointed as England’s new Test Captain? Ben Stokes
66 The world’s largest electric cruise ship has made its maiden voyage in which country? China
67 The ‘Unbox Me campaign’, which was launched recently, is associated with which day? International Transgender Day of Visibility
68 Which regulator body launched the ideathon named ‘Manthan’? SEBI
69 ‘Mes Aynak site’ and ‘Buddhas of Bamiyan’, which were seen in the news, are located in which country? Afghanistan
70 Which state won the ‘best state’ award at the National Water Awards 2022? Uttar Pradesh
71 National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) is a Public sector unit working under which Ministry? Ministry of Information and Broadcasting
72 When is the ‘International Day for Mine Awareness’ observed annually? April 4
73 What is the primary use of India’s indigenously developed six new and rare Reference Materials (RMs)? Anti-Doping Analysis
74 Which is the largest private sector bank of India by assets, as of 2022? HDFC Bank
75 Which country has launched a clinical trial evaluating HIV vaccines based on mRNA platform? USA
76 Which Indian public sector bank launched its digital transformation project ‘SMBHAV’? Union Bank of India
77 Who is the chairperson of the advisory committee to guide the Semiconductor mission? Ashwini Vaishnaw
78 Which institution recently launched the ‘AVSAR’ scheme? Airports Authority of India
79 Which country’s astronomers have detected HD1 Galaxy, the distant astronomical object ever discovered? USA
80 Which Union Ministry is associated with the Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019? Ministry of Home Affairs
81 Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was seen in the news, is the first Black woman Justice to serve in the Supreme Court of which country? USA
82 National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) is a part of which organisation? ISRO
83 Which state government launched the ‘Corruption-Free App- 1064’? Uttarakhand
84 Which institution released draft guidelines for settlement of payments for export/import through e-commerce? Reserve Bank of India
85 Jatin Goswami, Sonal Mansingh and Kalyanasundaram are the recipients of which award/fellowship? Sangeet Natak Akademi Fellowship
86 “Svanidhi se Samriddhi” programme is an initiative of which Union Ministry? Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs
87 As per the World Bank’s April update, what is India’s GDP forecast for fiscal year 2022-23? 8.0 %
88 Which Indian state has recently slipped into a power crisis due to shortage of Coal? Punjab
89 Veer Kunwar Singh was a military commander who fought against the East India company, was from which present-day state? Bihar

90 What is the theme of the ‘Sabka Vikas Mahaquiz’ conducted by MyGov? Aatmanirbhar Bharat
91 What is the Wholesale Price Index- based Inflation Rate in March 2022? 14.55%
92 Who is the first officer from the Corps of Engineers to become Chief of Army Staff (COAS) of India? LG Manoj Pande
93 Which institution organises the ‘National Cyber Security Incident Response Exercise (NCX India)’? National Security Council
94 ‘Vidya Samiksha Kendra’ or ‘Command and Control Centre 2.0’ is located in which state? Gujarat
95 ‘National Apprenticeship Mela’ has been organised under which mission? Skill India
96 Which institution has released a draft battery swapping policy for Electric Vehicles? NITI Aayog
97 The Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code has how many characters? Twenty
98 New Space India Limited is the commercial arm of which organisation? ISRO
99 As per a recent NABARD Study, farmers of which state borrowed the largest amount per farmer? Punjab
100 Emmanuel Macron has won the Presidential Election of which country? France
101 Which is the venue of the ‘Khelo India University Games 2021’, being held in April-May 2022? Bengaluru
102 ‘Constantinople’ is situated in which present-day city? Istanbul
103 ‘Trilateral Development Corporation (TDC) Fund’ is a new diplomatic initiative of which country? India
104 In 2021, which country recorded the highest real-time transactions of up to USD 48.6 billion? India
105 As per India’s National framework for malaria elimination, India will eliminate Malaria by which year? 2030
106 Kieron Pollard, who announced retirement from international cricket, represented which country? West Indies
107 Senna spectabilis, which was seen in the news, belongs to which category of plant? Invasive plant
108 Kuril Islands, which was seen in the news, is claimed by which countries? Japan and Russia
109 Which state has passed bills to transfer the Governor’s power in appointing ViceChancellors of state universities to the state? Tamil Nadu
110 Create (International Centre for Entrepreneurship and Technology) is the technology incubator of which Indian state? Gujarat
111 India entered the Guinness Book of World Records by waving 78,220 flags simultaneously, at which state? Bihar
112 Which institution releases the ‘Quarterly Employment Survey (QES)’? Ministry of Labour & Employment
113 How many permanent members are part of the UN Security Council and thus have Veto Power? Five
114 Jamtara, the first district in the country where gram panchayats have community libraries, is located in which state/UT? Jharkhand
115 As per a recent study, old masks have been incorporated into which carbonintensive process? Production of Cement

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