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One Liner Current Affairs

February 2022, One Liner Current Affairs


1 How much tax will be levied on the transfer of virtual assets? 30 percent
2  Which bank will introduce a digital rupee in India? RBI
3 Economic Survey 2021-2022 has projected how much growth in India’s GDP in FY23? 8-8.5%
4 Which state’s tableau was adjudged as the best in Republic Day Parade 2022? Uttar Pradesh
5 Queen Elizabeth II ascended the throne in which year? 1952

6 NASA is planning to retire the International Space Station by which year? January 2031
7 Which Indian athlete has been nominated for the Laureus World Breakthrough of the Year 2022 Award? Neeraj Chopra
8 Who has become the second Indian to win the World Games Athlete of the Year 2021 award? PR Sreejesh
9 How many Indian athletes are participating in the Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing? 1
10  Who has been named the winner of ICC Spirit of Cricket Award 2021? Daryl Mitchell
11 What is the projected real GDP growth for FY 2022-23? 7.8 percent
12 Which was the most congested city in the world in 2021? Istanbul
13 Which was the most congested city in India in 2021? Mumbai
14 Which country has banned the import of drones? India
15 Which film has received maximum nominations at the 94th Academy Awards? The ‘Power Of The Dog’
16 India’s first Biomass-based hydrogen plant will be built in which state? Madhya Pradesh
17 How many Tiger deaths were reported in 2021? 127
18 Which country won the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2022? India
19 The BCCI plans to launch women’s IPL by which year? 2023
20. Kala Ramachandran has been appointed as which city’s first woman Police Commissioner? Gurugram
21  When was Lantern Festival celebrated in China this year? February 15
22 Which country is hosting the World Sustainable Development Summit 2022? New Delhi, India
23 Which country has relocated its embassy from Kyiv to Lviv? US
24  Which year was the world’s first chickenpox vaccine rolled out? 1986
25 Which state government conferred their highest civilian award upon Ratan Tata? Assam
26 Which nation’s junta leader has been inaugurated as the new President? Burkina Faso
27 India has signed Work Plan 2022 with which country to reduce trade barrier? Germany
28 Which state has decided to launch a portal to invite suggestions for the renaming of cities that are currently contrary to Indian culture? Assam
29  Frank-Walter Steinmeier has been re-elected as the President of which nation? Germany

30. ‘Anonymous’ Hacking group has claimed responsibility for the attack on the website of which Government? Russia
31 When was National War Memorial’s third anniversary observed? February 25, 2022
32 Which country is hosting multilateral exercise MILAN 2022? India
33 Which former Soviet Union Republics is not a NATO member? Ukraine
34  How many countries are a part of the NATO Alliance? 30
35 Which country was the last to join NATO as a member? North Macedonia
36 What was KPAC Lalitha’s maiden name? KPAC Lalitha
37 Who was honoured with Outstanding Contribution to Films Award at DPIFF 2022? Asha Parekh
38 Which nation has successfully tested its new naval air defence system called ‘CDome’? Israel
39 The International Space Station will cease its functioning by which year? 2031
40  Vipula Gunatilleka has been appointed as the new CFO of which airlines? Jet Airways
41 Who has recognised two separatist republics in eastern Ukraine as independent? Vladimir Putin
42 When is International Mother Language Day celebrated? February 21st
43 Which country had initiated the idea of observing the International Mother Language Day? Bangladesh
44 When is Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti observed? February 19
45 Who is the first male Tennis star to win 21 Grand Slam titles? Rafael Nadal
46 As per recent Government data, what is the total number of new leprosy cases detected during 2020-21 in India? 65,147
47 ‘Neuroterus Valhalla’ is the name of which newly discovered weird species? Wasp
48 Which newly discovered species has been named after the pandemic as ‘Humbertium covidum’? Flatworm
49 Japan’s parliament adopted a resolution on which country’s “serious human rights situation”? China
50 Which state’s Chief Minister launched the ‘All India Federation for Social Justice’? Tamil Nadu
51 Quito, which was hit by a massive landslide, is the capital city of which country? Ecuador
52 Which state has announced to hold its first-of-its kind ‘Leopard Census’? Assam
53 Who is the only contestant from India, in the Beijing Winter Olympics 2022? Arif Khan
54 Which institution/office announced the ‘Swachhta Saarthi Fellowship 2022’? Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser
55 What is the theme/slogan of the ‘World Cancer Day 2022’? Close the Care Gap
56 Which state tableau was voted as the best among the States/UTs in the ‘popular choice’ category in Republic Day 2022? Maharashtra
57 Which state launched the ‘Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Bhumiheen Krishi Mazdoor Nyay Yojana’? Chhattisgarh
58 China along with which country declared a “No limits” partnership, to collaborate against the West? Russia
59 Which State signed MoU with Ather Energy to set up 1,000 fast charging stations for Electric two-wheelers? Karnataka

60 ‘Development of design studios’ is a new sub-scheme under which scheme? Indian Footwear and Leather Development Programme
61 The World’s largest Igloo Cafe has been inaugurated in which country? India
62 Which country provides Official Development Assistance (ODA) loan to ‘MumbaiAhmedabad High-Speed Rail Project’? Japan
63 South Col Glacier is the highest-altitude glacier of which Mountain? Mt Everest
64 What is the percentage of Women representation of board seats in India in 2021, as per ‘Women in the Boardroom report’? 17.1
65 Which country’s central bank has launched ‘Five-year plan for financial standardisation’? China
66 What is the maturity period of the Sovereign gold bond (SGB) scheme? 8 years
67 Which global bloc has announced a multi-billion-dollar Chip Production plan? European Union
68 Which developing country has imposed a ban on Import of Drones? India
69 Madhwacharya was the chief proponent of which school of Vedanta Dvaita
70. What is ‘Sainya Ranakshetram’, which was seen in the news recently? Indian Army Hackathon
71 Luc Montagnier, who passed away recently, won Nobel Prize for Medicine for which discovery? Human Immunodeficiency Virus
72 Ministry of Electronics and IT ban applications prejudicial to sovereignty and integrity of India, under which act? Information

Technology Act

73 Which is the first institution set up under the National river interlinking policy? Ken-Betwa Link Project Authority
74. Which country’s researchers joined ISRO, for developing a satellite for the first time? Taiwan
75 The Northern Mariana Islands, which was seen in the news recently, is a territory of which country? USA
76 Legal mining of Bajri (riverbed sand) has been initiated in which state? Rajasthan
77 Which state has witnessed protests for including Bhojpuri and Magahi as “regional languages” in Government jobs? Jharkhand
78 Which state has the maximum households electrified through the solar-based standalone system, under Saubhagya scheme? Rajasthan
79 Which country holds the Presidency of G 20 in 2022? Indonesia
80. Which country has scrapped its ‘Golden Visa’ Route for Millionaire Investors? UK
81 What is the objective of World Bank’s REWARD Program? Watershed management
82 ‘Meri Policy Mere Hath’ is a campaign related to which scheme? PM-FBY
83 Which Indian authority reviews the Indian Naval Fleet once during their term, under ‘Fleet Review’? President
84 ‘CEPI’ has announced partnership with which Indian pharma company to develop Covid Vaccine? Panacea Biotec
85. Which country manufactures and supplies ‘MH-60R Multi-Role Helicopters’ for India? USA
86 Which country recently flagged off 100 drones, to be used for spraying pesticides in farms? India
87. Which Indian PSU has been recognised as “’India’s Most Trusted Public Sector Company” by ASSOCHAM? Coal India Limited
88 Which Union Ministry implements the ‘Pradhan Mantri Gram Sadak Yojana (PMGSY)’ scheme? Ministry of Rural Development
89 Which institution has launched the ‘KISAN’ mobile app under Gramin Krishi Mausam Sewa (GKMS) project? IIT Roorkee

90. “Vishaka Guidelines”, seen in the news sometimes, was associated with which issue? Sexual Harassment
91. Which city is the host of Senior National Chess Championship-2022? Kanpur
92 Who chairs the Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) in India? Prime Minister
93 Which state/UT has commenced work to form ‘India’s first Dugong Conservation Reserve’? Tamil Nadu

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