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Important Committees and Commissions


SN DHINGRA COMMITTEE –  2018, – Anti –Sikh riots, 1984 Delhi .

Malhotra Committee – Insurance Reforms

Janaki Raman Committee – Security Scam

Ajay Vikram Singh Committee – Faster promotions in Army

Rajindar Sachar Committee (2005) – Report on the social, economic and educational status of the Muslims of India.

Jyoti Basu Committee – Report on Octroi abolition.

Balwant Rai Mehta Committee – Recommendations on decentralisation system

Sawant Committee – Inquiry on corruption, charges against ministers & Anna Hazare

Chelliah Committee – Tax Reforms Committee, Eradicating black money 

Wanchoo Committee – Tax enquiry

Bhanu Pratap Singh Committee – Agriculture

Rangarajan Committee(2012) – Reforms in private sector(Sugar)

Naresh Chandra Committee – Corporate governance

Chakravarti Committee –  functioning of the monetary system

Rekhi Committee – Structure of indirect taxation

G.V.Ramakrishna Committee – Disinvestment in PSU shares

Kelkar Committee (1955) – First committee on backward castes

P.C.Hotha Committee – Restructuring of civil services

J.C.Kumarappa Committee – Congress agrarian Reforms Committee

Swaminathan Committee – Population policy

Rangaraju Committee – Statistics

Wardha Committee – Inquiry on murder of Graham Staines

Vohra Committee – Criminalization of politics

Kelkar Committee 2 (2002)- Direct-Indirect Taxes

Abid Hussain Committee – Recommendations on Small scale industries

Narasimham Committee – Banking sector reforms

Omkar Goswami Committee – Industrial sickness

Yashpal Committee – Review of School Education system

Ram Nandan Prasad Committee – Constitution of creamy layers among Backward Castes.

Kelkar Committee 3 – Enquiry on Kargil defense deals.

H R Khan Panel -To evaluate unclaimed PPF and Post Office Savings

Ramanujam committee -To avoid obsolete laws

Justice MB Shah -On Black Money

Deepak Mohanty Committee -Data and Information Management in the RBI

Arvind Mayaram Committee -To clear definition to the FDI and FII 

Nachiket Mor Committee -To permit NBFC’s to work as Business correspondence .

And also to set up payment and small finance banks in India 

P J Nayak Committee – Governance of Boards of Bank in India

Bibek Debroy – for Restructuring the railway

ML Dantwala Committee-Regional Rural Banks

Usha Thorat Panel: Financial Inclusion

Tarapore Committee – Fuller Capital Account Convertibility.

Ram Pradhan Committee – Mumbai 26/11.

Nanavati Commission – Godhra Riots, Anti-Sikh riots (1984, Delhi)

Varadharajan Committee – Bhopal Gas Leak.

Shyamala Gopinath Comm. – Panel to review small savings structure.

M.C. Jain Commission – Rajiv Gandhi’s Assassination.

Shyam benegal committee ( 6 members)- on film certification

Justice R M Lodha panel– BCCI reforms

RM Lodha panel– to oversee the functioning of MCI ( medical council of India)

R V Easwar committee- to simplify income tax act 1961

Dr Amit Mitra committee- on GST

NK singh panel- to review FRBM act

Justice AK Mathur- central pay commission

Madhav Chitale committee- desiltation of GANGA

Madhusudan Sahoo- chairman of Insolvency and Bankruptcy board of India 

Vishakha Guidelines- sexual harassment of women at workplace

Justice Verma committee- quiker trial in case of sexual assault against women

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