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One Liner Current Affairs

October 2022, One Liner Current Affairs


1. ‘Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF)’ is associated with which Union Ministry? Ministry of Communications
2. Which state/UT launched a 15-point ‘Winter Action Plan’ to curb air pollution? New Delhi
3. Which institution released guidelines for engaging ‘Professors of Practice’ at Higher Education institutions? UGC
4. Which country has scrapped the proposal to cut tax for the wealthy? UK
5. Shyamji Krishna Varma, whose birth anniversary was celebrated recently, was a freedom fighter from which state? (Note : He was a revolutionary freedom fighter, who founded the Indian Home Rule Society, India House and The
Indian Sociologist in London to promote the cause of Indian nationalism and freedom.)
6. Which public sector bank launched ‘Gram Seva’ program for development of remote villages? SBI
7. Which Union Ministry implements the ‘Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY) ‘? Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship
8. As per recent government data, which state has the highest gap in infant mortality rate between boys and girls in 2020? Chhattisgarh
9. India handed over indigenously produced motorbikes to which country as a part of bilateral assistance? Lebanon
10. Nalagarh, where a 350-crore Medical Device Park is set to be built, is located in which state? Solan district, HP
11. ‘Prohibition of online gambling and regulation of online games ordinance, 2022’ came into effect in which state? Tamil Nadu
12. Which institution regulates the credit rating agencies and their functioning in India? SEBI
13. Which Department of the Finance Ministry releases the Post Devolution Revenue Deficit (PDRD) Grant? Department of Expenditure
14. For the first time, a ‘Weapon System branch for officers’ has been approved for which Armed Force? Indian Air Force
15. Pahalgam, where the Bird Festival 2022 was inaugurated recently, is located in which state/UT? J&K
16. Modhera, which was declared as India’s first 24×7 solar-powered village, is located in which state/UT? Gujarat
17. India launched a new task force under the Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP) with which country? USA
18. Which Union Ministry organised the ‘Betiyan Bane Kushal’ National Conference on Skilling in Non- Traditional Livelihood (NTL)? Ministry of Women and Child Development
19. Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, where leopards were spotted, is located in which state/UT? New Delhi
20. Mulayam Singh Yadav, who passed away recently, served as the Chief Minister of which state? U.P.
21. Which state has the highest number of girls who got married before attaining the age of 21? West Bengal
22. ‘Droni’, a made-in-India camera drone, was recently launched by which institution? Garuda Aerospace
23. Which company’s pilot project on Flexi-Fuel Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicles (FFVSHEV) was launched in India recently? Toyota
24. Which state topped the Logistics Index in LEADS (Logistics Ease Across Different States) 2022 report? Andhra Pradesh
25. Which institution released the ‘Living Planet Report 2022’? World Wide Fund
26. As per the ‘Climate Transparency Report 2022’, which country was the most affected by income losses from heat-related labour capacity reduction? India
27. Which state/UT is host to the 14th World Spice Congress in 2023? Maharashtra
28. Which Union Ministry launched the draft of National Credit Framework (NCrF)? Ministry of Education
29. What is the new target set for Defence Exports in 2022-23? Rs 40000 crore
30. Who has been named as the new Revenue Secretary, as of October 2022? Sanjay Malhotra

31. ‘Global Iodine Deficiency Disorders (IDD) Prevention Day’ is observed on ___? 21 October
32. Zosterops paruhbesar or the Wangi-wangi white-eye Bird, which was reently discovered is endemic to which country? Indonesia
33. ‘Great Indian Bustard’ is the state bird of which Indian state/ UT? Rajasthan
34. Mana Pass, which was seen in the news, is located in which state / UT? Uttarakhand
35. Where is the headquarters of ‘Utkarsh Small Finance Bank’? Varanasi
36. Upper Bhadra scheme, which was seen in the news, is a project in which state/ UT? Karnataka
37. NaVIC, an equivalent of Global Positioning System (GPS), was developed by which country? India
38. As per the ‘Portrait of Immigration to Canada’ Report, which is the leading country of birth for recent immigration? India
39. Which Union Ministry launched new policy reforms for satellite communications services? Ministry of Telecommunication
40. Which city is the host of the ‘International Forum on Peace and Security in Africa’? Dakar
41. Which is the first Pacific country to host the World Hindi Conference? Fiji
42. Which country’s cricket board has recently announced equal pay to both men and women cricket players? India
43. Ranipur Tiger Reserve and Pilibhit Tiger Reserve, which were seen in the news, are located in which state? Uttar Pradesh
44. JALDOOT App has been developed by which Ministry? Ministry of Rural Development
45. Which State has published India’s first tribal community-based encyclopedia? Odisha
46. Swachh Toycathon has been launched by which Central Ministry? Ministry of Housing and Urban Affair
47. FIFA has released a three-episode series on the life and career of which Indian football player? Sunil Chhetri
48. Who has been appointed as India’s second Chief of Defence Staff? Anil Chauhan
49. Who has been appointed as the new Attorney General of India? R. Venkataramani
50. Which state in India has announced to develop the world’s largest jungle safari park? Haryana
51. Which legendary actress has been bestowed with the 52nd Dadasaheb Phalke Award? Asha Parekh
52. Who has become the first European woman to command International Space Station? Samantha Cristoforetti
53. What is the name of the first Made-in-India Light Combat Helicopters (LCH) inducted in IAF? Prachanda
54. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Yuva 2.0 to mentor? Young Authors
55. ‘herSTART’- a start up platform has been created by which University? Gujarat University
56. Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldel, and K.Barry Sharpless have jointly won Nobel Prize 2022 in which category? Chemistry
57. Who has become the first Native American woman to travel to space? Nicole Mann
58. What is the name of the leading academician who has won the top UAE Award for Alternative Medicine? Wazahat Husain from Aligarh Muslim University
59. Justice Pankaj Mittal has been appointed as the Chief Justice of which High Court? Rajasthan High Court
60. Which state has announced India’s first ‘Kadavur Slender Loris Sanctuary’? Tamil Nadu
61. What is the name of the website launched to enable citizens to contribute for the armed forces battle casualties welfare fund? Maa Bharati ke Sapoot
62. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has laid the foundation stone of two hydropower projects in which district of Himachal Pradesh? Chamba
63. The 6th summit of the Conference on Interaction and Confidence Building Measures in Asia (CICA) was held in which country? Kazakhstan
64. Government of India has launched MBBS Course books in which language for the very first time? Hindi

65. Who has won India’s first Greco-Roman medal in U-23 Wrestling World Championship? Sajan Bhanwala
66. Who has been elected as the President of the Indian National Congress? Mallikarjun Kharge (first non-Gandhi President of the Congress Party in over two decades)
67. Which state has launched a website that lists the most polluting industrial units? Jharkhand
68. Who has become the first Indian-origin Prime Minister of UK? Rishi Sunak
69. Which country has been recently added by FATF to the list of high-risk countries? Myanmar
70. Who has become the first Indian Wrestler to win Gold Medal at U-23 World Wrestling Championships? Aman Sehrawat
71. ISROs’ heaviest rocket LVM3 M2 has placed how many satellites in orbit? 36
72. Who has been appointed as the new US Ambassador to India? Elizabeth Jones
73. Which country has passed the ‘Plain Language Act’? New Zealand
74. Minicoy Thundi Beach and Kadmat Beach have recently received Blue Flag Certification. Both the beaches are situated in which Indian state or UT? Lakshadweep
75. COP27, the 27th annual UN meeting on climate will be held in which country? Egypt
76. Who has been named the Captain of the Indian Hockey Team for FIH Pro League 2022-2023? Harmanpreet Singh
77. Orbital Rail Corridor has been launched in which state of India? Haryana
78. Which airport in India has been ranked the world’s 10th busiest? Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi
79. The Storm Coaster, which has been declared as the World’s fastest vertical-launch roller coaster by the Guinness World Records, is situated in which country? Dubai
80. Fungal Priority Pathogens List has been released by which institution? WHO
81. Who has been conferred with the National Lata Mangeshkar Award for the year 2019 on the birth anniversary of the late singing legend at her birthplace in Indore ? Noted playback singer Shailendra Singh
82. Who has been conferred with the National Lata Mangeshkar Award for the year 2020 on the birth anniversary of the late singing legend at her birthplace in Indore? music-composer duo Anand-Milind
83. Who has been conferred with the National Lata Mangeshkar Award for the year 2021 on the birth anniversary of the late singing legend at her birthplace in Indore ? Noted playback singer Kumar Sanu
84. Who has been appointed as the Attorney General of India for a term of three years? R Venkataramani
85. Rating agency ICRA has maintained its forecast of how much percent growth in India’s GDP for the financial year FY23? 7.2%
86. Who is the author of a book titled ‘Lata: Sur-Gatha’ or Lata: A Life in Music? originally written in Hindi by writer-poet Yatindra Mishra, is translated by noted writer and translator Ira Pande.
87. Which defence manufacturer will set up a production facility in India to develop the Carl-Gustaf M4 shoulder-fired weapon system? Swedish defense company Saab
88. Who has topped the IIFL Wealth Hurun India 40 & Under Self-Made Rich List 2022? Nikhil Kamath, the cofounder of Zerodha with a net worth of Rs 17,500 crore
89. Who has ranked second in the IIFL Wealth Hurun India 40 & Under Self-Made Rich List 2022? Bhavish Aggarwal, the founder of Ola with a net worth of Rs 11,700 crore
90. Who has ranked third in the IIFL Wealth Hurun India 40 & Under Self-Made Rich List 2022? Divyank Turakhia of Media.net with Rs 11,200 crore
91. Who among the following was the only Indian named in Time’s 100 Emerging Leaders’ List released in September 2022? Reliance Jio Chairman Akash Ambani

92. Which payments banks has started rolling out 1.5 lakh micro ATMs in a phased manner across tier 2 cities and semi-urban regions to facilitate cash withdrawal for its customers? Airtel Payments Bank
93. The International Maritime Organization observed World Maritime Day on the last Thursday of September. This year, it was observed on ? September 29
94. International Translation Day is being celebrated every year on __________ to raise awareness about translation and languages which play an important role for society’s development ? 30 September
95. What is the rank of India in the Global Innovation Index of the World Intellectual Property Organization? 40th
96. Which company has topped the 25 startups in India listed by LinkedIn? CRED
97. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has hiked the repo rate by 5.40% to ________? 5.90% ( increase of 50 basis points)
98. What is the theme of World Maritime Day 2022 (29 Sep 2022) ? New technologies for greener shipping
99. Which country topped the Global Innovation Index of the World Intellectual Property Organization? Switzerland
100. RBI reduced the real Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth for FY23 from 7.2% to how much? 7 %
101. The key short-term repo rate was raised by 50 basis points (bps) to what percent? 5.90%
102. Recently Kazakhstan changed the name of the capital from Nur-Sultan to __________? Astana
103. Who has been appointed as the chairman of the board of governors of Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) in September 2022? N S Rajan
104. Who has won the ‘Changemaker’ award at UN SDG Action Awards 2022 at a ceremony in Bonn, Germany? Srishti Bakshi (women’s rights activist from India, who has traveled 3,800km through the length of the country in less than a year to raise awareness on gender based violence and inequality)
105. The number of credit cards in force declined to about 78 million in August 2022, the Reserve Bank of India’s new rule mandated credit card operators to deactivate cards that are inactive for _________ days ? 365
106. ________ is observed as the International Day of Older Persons across the globe ? October 1
107. What is the theme for the United Nations International Day of Older Persons 2022? Resilience of Older Persons in a Changing World
108. World Vegetarian Day is celebrated on the ________. It also kickstarts Vegetarian Awareness Month ? 1st day of October
109. Who has been appointed as the new brand ambassador of Hero MotoCorp? Actor Ram Charan
110. The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has launched a multi-phase Operation against illicit drug trafficking network recently. What is the name of this operation? Operation Garuda
111. The Reserve Bank of India has informed that India’s current account deficit rises ______ to USD 23.9 billion in Q1. 2.8%
112. Who has been appointed as the national president of Indian American Chambers of Commerce (IACC)? Noted Lawyer Lalit Bhasin
113. The Telangana government has raised the reservation for Scheduled Tribes (ST) to ____? 10 % (increased from 6 % to 10 %)
114. Gandhi Jayanti is observed every year on October 2 to mark the birth anniversary of Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi. This year marks the ______ anniversary of Gandhi’s birth. 153rd
115. International Day of Non-Violence is observed every year on 2 October. What was the essence of International Day of Non-Violence 2022? Say No to Violence
116. The United Nations observes the first Monday of October as World Habitat Day. This year, World Habitat Day will be observed on __________? October 3
117. Since ______, the annual observance of World Day for Farmed Animals (WDFA) on October 2nd (Gandhi’s birthday) ? 1983
118. Who was selected for the 32nd Bihari Puraskaar 2022 (instituted by the KK Birla foundation since 1991)? Writer Dr. Madhav Hada for his literary criticism book ‘Pachrang Chola Pahar Sakhi Ri’
119. Recently, who revealed a prototype of a humanoid robot “Optimus”? Tesla CEO Elon Musk
120. Recently, who assumed charge as Secretary of the Department of Commerce? Sunil Barthwal
121. Ministry of Jal Shakti will be commemorating the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi as ______? Swachh Bharat Diwas
122. Who has been elected as the Vice-President of the International Astronautical Federation (IAF)? Senior ISRO Scientist A K Anil Kumar
123. According to RBI, which of the following refers to the replacement of actual card details with an alternate code for carrying out transactions? Tokenisation
124. The celebration of 68th National Wildlife Week is observed all over India from __________. 2nd to 8th October 2022
125. Prime Minister’s Scheme for Mentoring Young Authors – YUVA 2.0 has been launched to promote reading, writing, and book culture in the country. What does V stand for in YUVA? Versatile ( YUVA = Young, Upcoming & Versatile Authors)
126. India has signed an agreement with which of the following country to export missiles, rockets & ammunition? Armenia
127. Which state government has launched a welfare scheme named ‘Asara’ pension, a welfare scheme of pensions to old people, widows, physically disabled and beedi workers? Telangana
128. Who has been appointed as the Deputy Election Commissioner of the Election Commission of India? Ajay Bhadoo
129. Who has won the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix 2022? Red Bull Driver Sergio Pérez

130. Who has become the first player from India to feature in 400 T20 matches? Rohit Sharma
131. Renowned expert on renewable energy Tulsi Tanti passed away at the age of 64. He is the founder of which of the following company? Suzlon Energy
132. World Space Week (WSW) is observed every year from ________, to celebrate science and technology, and their contribution towards the betterment of the human condition ? October 4 to 10
133. Recently, the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises organized a National SC-ST Hub Conclave in _____? Ahmedabad
134. Recently, who among the following was honoured with the Lifetime Achievement Award by US President Joe Biden with citation of ‘With Grateful Recognition’? Vivek Lall, an Indianorigin General Atomics Global Corporation chief executive
135. Defence Minister Rajnath Singh inducted the first indigenously developed light combat helicopters (LCH) named _____ in Jodhpur, Rajasthan ? Prachand
136. Pullampara in ______(state) became the first grama panchayat in the country to attain full digital literacy among its residents ? Kerala
137. Which of the following won the ‘Valley of Words Book Awards’ in the English nonfiction category? Rudrangshu Mukherjee’s Tagore & Gandhi: Walking Alone, Walking Together (English non-fiction)
138. Recently, who has been appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of MyGov under the Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology? Akash Tripathi
139. Swedish scientist Svante Pääbo has been awarded the 2022 Nobel Prize for _______. Physiology (“for his discoveries concerning the genomes of extinct hominins and human evolution”)
140. The Election Commission has launched a year-long voter awareness program on All India Radio. What is the name of this program? Matadata Junction
141. According to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Report 2022, India’s economic growth is expected to decline to ____ in 2022 from 8.2% in 2021. 5.7%
142. Who has been appointed as Chairman and Managing Director of Gas Authority of India Limited (GAIL)? Sandeep Kumar Gupta
143. Who has been appointed as Director General of the Indian Ordnance Factory Service (IOFS)? Sanjeev Kishore
144. Who has received the American Geophysical Union’s Devendra Lal Memorial Medal 2022? Roxy Mathew Koll, a scientist at the Punebased Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology (IITM)
145. World Teachers’ Day is observed every year on which day? 5 October
146. UNESCO has launched a list documenting 50 iconic Indian heritage textiles in October 2022, which includes Khes from Panipat, Chamba rumals from Himachal Pradesh, Awadh Jamdani from Varanasi and Thigma or wool tie.Thigma or
wool tie and dye is associated with?
147. On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, which of the following banks in India has announced that it will adopt 30 remote villages across India under the 4th phase of the ‘Gram Seva’ program?\ State Bank of India
148. Recently, National Payments Corporation of India and Central Bank Of which of the following country signed an MoU to launch the Rupay debit card in their country? Oman
149. Who among the following recently won UNHCR’s Nansen Refugee Award for “leadership, courage and compassion” in ensuring the protection of hundreds of thousands of desperate people at the height of the Syria crisis ? Former chancellor Merkel German Angela
150. The theme of World Teachers’ Day 2022 is ________? The Transformation of Education Begins with Teachers
151. Who was declared as ‘National Icon’ by Election Commission of India recently? Actor Pankaj Tripathi
152. Where did President Droupadi Murmu launch ‘herSTART’, an initiative aimed at supporting women-led startups? Gujarat
153. Who has launched ‘Activ Fit’, a comprehensive health insurance plan for young and healthy adults? Aditya Birla Health Insurance
154. The Nobel Prize for Chemistry 2022 is being shared by three scientists, Carolyn Bertozzi, Morten Meldal & Barry Sharpless, for their work on _______? ‘Click chemistry’, in which molecules snap together fast and firmly, without the need for a long, complicated process and too many unwanted byproducts.
155. Captain Ibrahim Traore has been appointed as the President of Burkina Faso, Burkina Faso is a country in which continent? Africa
156. India’s first green tech based Technology Business Incubation or Inclusive TBI (iTBI) will be set up in which institution? NIT Srinagar
157. SBI General Insurance has appointed who among the following as its new MD & CEO from October 2022 ? Kishore Kumar Poludasu
158. Who among the following Indian Origin doctors has been nominated as the US representative on WHO executive board? US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy
159. In October 2022, India has emerged as the world’s largest producer of Sugar. India is the ____________ largest sugar exporter in the world. Second
160. Rest of India has defeated which team to win Irani Cup 2022 at the Saurashtra Cricket Stadium, Rajkot? Saurashtra

161. Who among the following has won the Nobel Prize in Literature for 2022 (“for the courage and clinical acuity with which she uncovers the roots, estrangements and collective restraints of personal memory” at the Swedish
Academy in Stockholm)?
French author ‘Annie Ernaux’
162. The SASTRA Ramanujan Prize for 2022 will be awarded to _________ Assistant Professor at the University of California, Berkeley, USA ? Yunqing Tang
163. Which of the following state announced the creation of the first three all-female Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC) battalions in the state? Uttar Pradesh
164. In October 2022, The Union Finance Ministry allowed airlines to avail of up to __________ loan under the Emergency Credit Line Guarantee Scheme,to help them tide over their cash flow problems ? Rs. 1500 crore
165. Shri Shaktikanta Das, launched a new SupTech initiative named DAKSH for which purpose for RBI? Supervisory Purpose
166. The Central Government has appointed ____ as the Presiding Officer of the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Tribunal which will review the ban imposed on the Popular Front of India (PFI) and its affiliated organisations? Delhi High Court Judge Justice Dinesh Kumar Sharma
167. In October 2022, the World Bank slashed its growth estimate for India by one percentage point to ____________ for FY23 ? 6.5%
168. The Norwegian Nobel Committee declared Belarusian activist Ales Bialiatski, Russian human rights organisation Memorial, and the NGO Center for Civil Liberties (CLL) of _____ (country) as the winners of the 2022 Nobel Peace
Prize ?
169. Indian Air Force was raised on October 8, ______, and it is completing 90 years in 2022 ? 1932
170. World Migratory Bird Day has been commemorated twice a year. This year, it was previously celebrated on 14 May and for the second time, the world marks this day again, ______? 8 October
171. What is the theme of World Cotton Day 2022? Weaving a better future for cotton
172. HDFC Life has launched the ‘Insure India’ campaign that is aimed at educating Indians on the benefits of life insurance as a product category. HDFC life is a joint venture between HDFC Bank and which of the following ? Abrdn mauritius holdings 2006
173. Who among the following has been appointed as CEO of Bank of India Mutual Funds? Mohit Bhatia
174. What is the theme of World Cerebral Palsy Day 2022? Millions of Reasons
175. Who has inaugurated Chhattisgarh Olympics? Chhattisgarh CM ‘Bhupesh Baghel’
176. Recently Chandrayaan-2 mapped the abundance of _____on the Moon for the very first time using the Chandrayaan-2 Large Area Soft X-ray Spectrometer (CLASS) on board the orbiter ? Sodium
177. The first conference of the Agni campaign was organised in Leh, on the theme of _______? Sustainability and Culture
178. Who has been named as the FIH (Hockey) Player of the Year in the men’s category in 2022? India star defender Harmanpreet Singh
179. Indian Foreign Service (IFS) Day is celebrated every year on ____. October 9
180. World Mental Health Day is observed on ________ every year. October 10
181. World Post Day is celebrated each year on 9 October, the anniversary of the establishment of the Universal Postal Union in which year? 1874
182. Who has won the World Billiards Championships (150-up) title? Pankaj Advani
183. Who has signed on as a brand ambassador of lubricant manufacturer Gulf Oil India recently? Indian Cricketer Smriti Mandhana
184. Who among the following has won the Japanese Grand Prix 2022? Red Bull driver Max Verstappen
185. Former Indian cricketer ______ has launched the made-in-India camera drone named ‘Droni’ with advanced features manufactured by Garuda Aerospace. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
186. What is the theme of World Mental health Day 2022? Make mental health & well-being for all a global priority
187. What is the theme of World Post Day 2022? Post for Planet
188. Which of the following bank has launched a one-stop merchant solution app named SmartHub Vyapar Merchant app? HDFC Bank
189. Who has been named as the named FIH Player of the Year in women category 2022? Felice Albers of Netherlands, Second youngest winner (Germany’s Natascha Keller is youngest winner in 1999)
190. First-ever EV scooter named Vida V1 was launched in India. Vida V1 is the scooter of which of the following company? Hero MotoCorp Company
191. The 81st annual convention of the Indian Roads Congress (IRC) has been held in which of the following city after 11 years? Lucknow
192. According to a survey, In Jharkhand, the percentage of girls getting married before turning 18 is as high as 5.8 percent. This survey was conducted by which ministry? Home Ministry
193. Which bank has launched a unique solution “Smart Wire” for its customers to help them with SWIFT-based inward remittances? ICICI Bank
194. The Central government and the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) have decided to sell off their how much percent stake in IDBI Bank? 60.72%
195. Who has been re-elected as the chairman of the Association of Mutual Funds in India (AMFI)? A Balasubramanian
196. Who has become the first athlete to win gold in Yogasana at the 36th National Games (hosted by Gujarat )? Pooja Patel of Gujarat
197. Which of the following state will host the 37th edition of the National Games in October 2023? Goa
198. Who has won the 2022 Astana Open Tennis in September 2022? Novak Djokovic (90th title of is carrier)
199. Alexander Van der Bellen has been elected as the President of Austria in October 2022, ___________ is the capital of Austria. Vienna
200. The 73rd Raising Day of the Territorial Army in 2022 was observed on ______? October 9
201. Recently, which village in India was declared by PM Narendra Modi as the country’s first 24×7 solar-powered village? Modhera village, Gujarat
202. What is the theme of International Day of the Girl Child 2022? Our time is now—our rights, our future
203. India’s inspirational captain __________ is named the recipient of the ICC Women’s Player of the Month award for September 2022. Harmanpreet Kaur
204. International Day of the Girl Child is observed on ______ to raise awareness about the importance and potential girls hold as the future of our society ? October 11
205. Union Minister Anurag Thakur has inaugurated a Water Sports Center in which of the following state? Himachal Pradesh (Bilaspur)
206. The European Parliament has approved a new rule that will introduce a single charging port for mobile phones, tablets and cameras by which year in the European Union? 2024
207. United Nations organization has committed to sharply cut carbon emissions from air travel by which year? 2050
208. BSE SME announced the listing of eight companies on its platform bringing the total number of companies listed to 402, which of the following is the 400th company listed in the platform? Insolation Energy (Jaipur-eadquartered solar panel company)
209. Ashok Leyland has signed an MoU with IIT Madras for development and commercialisation of ‘swirl mesh lean direct injection system’ for developing hybrid electrical vehicles using turbine technology. Ashok Leyland is owned by
Hinduja Group
210. The Securities and Exchange Board of India has how many board members including chairperson? 9
211. World Arthritis day is observed on ________ every year and it is a global health awareness event that helps create awareness about rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases ? 12 October
212. What is the theme of World Arthritis day 2022? It’s in your hands, take action
213. Mahendra Singh Dhoni inaugurated the Super Kings Academy at the MS Dhoni Global School in ________? Hosur, Tamil Nadu
214. Which state has launched ‘Football for All’ in the state to take the culture of football to the grassroots Odisha
215. The Central government has extended the timeline for disbursement of loans up to _____ under the ethanol blending programme interest subsidy scheme ? March 31, 2023
216. Home Minister Amit Shah unveils 14 feet high statue of Lok nayak Jayprakash Narayan at Sitabdiara in which state? Saran district, Bihar
217. Who has released an operations manual of Beti Bachao Beti Padhao? Smriti Zubin Irani
218. Which airport has entirely switched to green sources for its energy consumption needs, making it one of India’s 100 per cent sustainable airports? Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport, Mumbai
219. Which of the following state government has started new scheme HIMCAD to help farmers? Himachal Pradesh
220. Which union minister has inaugurated the fourth Heli-India Summit 2022 in Srinagar? Minister of civil aviation Jyotiraditya M. Scindia
221. Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari has launched _______ firstof-its-kind pilot project on Flex Fuel-Strong Hybrid Electric Vehicle (FFV-SHEV) ? Toyota
222. Who among the following actor will become the first actor to shoot in space? Tom Cruise
223. Which bank has bagged a world record for staging and swinging the highest 101 Oonjals (Jhoolas), beautifully decorated- in Kochi? South Indian Bank
224. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has slashed India’s economic growth forecast to how much percent from 7.4% for FY22? 6.8%
225. Who will be appointed as the new president of BCCI? Roger Binny
226. International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction is observed every year on which day? 13 October
227. The 2022 Commitment to Reducing Inequality (CRI) Index prepared by Oxfam International and Development Finance International (DFI) was released in October 2022, which of the following countries ranked first in the index? Norway
228. According to the latest Reserve Bank of India (RBI) rules, Requirement of netowned funds (NOFs) for asset reconstruction companies (ARCs) has been increased to ____________? Rs. 300 crore
229. World Bank (WB) has extended an unconditional loan of ________________ to the Supporting Andhra’s Learning Transformation (SALT) project in appreciation of the path-breaking reforms implemented by the State government ? USD 250 Million
230. Which Indian steel company joins United Nations Global Compact initiative? JSW Steel
231. Who has addressed the United Nations World Geospatial International Congress in Hyderabad? PM Narendra Modi
232. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has inaugurated the fourth Vande Bharat Express train in which of the following state? Una district of Himachal Pradesh
233. Israel and which country have agreed to resolve a decades-old dispute over the control of an eastern stretch of the Mediterranean Sea? Israel and Lebanon
234. Kamalpreet Kaur has been banned for three years by Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) for using the prohibited substance Stanozolol. She is related to which sport? Indian discus throw
235. Who has been elected as a member of the executive committee of the InterParliamentary Union (IPU) from Asia Pacific Group (APG) countries? Lok Sabha MP from Odisha Aparajita Sarang
236. World Sight Day is observed every year on second Thursday of October. This year, World Sight Day is on ? October 13th.
237. In October 2022, the Tamil Nadu government has notified the country’s first sanctuary for which animal covering 11,806 hectares in Karur and Dindigul districts of the State? Slender Lorises
238. Which of the following teams/states/UT’s won the Raja Bhalindra Singh Trophy in the recently concluded 36th National Games? Services Sports Control Board, Kerala’s Sajan Prakash and Karnataka’s Hashika Ramchandra walking away with the top honours

239. The Indian Navy Conducted an Offshore Security Exercise named ______________ in the Offshore Development Area (ODA) off Kakinada. Prasthan
240. Each year, International E-Waste Day is held on which date? 14 October
241. What is the theme of World Standards Day 2022? ‘Shared Vision for a Better World
242. What is the theme or slogan of International E-Waste Day (#ewasteday) 2022? “Recycle it all, no matter how small”
243. President Droupadi Murmu inaugurated the ‘PARAM KAMRUPA’ Supercomputer facility and a high-power active and passive component laboratory of SAMEER at which IIT? IIT Guwahati
244. Abdul Latif Rashid has been elected as President by which of the following country? Iraq
245. International Day of Rural Women is observed every year on which day? 15 October
246. October 15 is celebrated as World Students’ Day to commemorate the birth anniversary of ___________? Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
247. What is the rank of India out of 121 countries on the Global Hunger Index 2022? 107 (out of121)
248. Which of the following Institute secured the top place among Indian universities in the Times Higher Education Rankings 2023? Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
249. Prime Minister flagged off the inaugural run of the new Vande Bharat Express from Amb Andaura, Una to New Delhi, it was the ________ Vande Bharat train introduced in the country ? Fourth
250. In October 2022, who among the following has been appointed as India’s next Ambassador to Kuwait? Adarsh Swaika
251. According the recently released Times Higher Education Rankings 2023, which has topped the world ranking list? University of Oxford
252. What is the theme for the International Day of Rural Women 2022? Rural Women Cultivating Good Food for All
253. The central government has approved the construction of an iconic cable stayedcum-suspension bridge across the which River connecting Telangana & Andhra Pradesh? Krishna River
254. Which state has been ranked the best-governed state in the Public Affairs Index Report 2022 prepared by the Public Affairs Center (PAC)? Haryana
255. Which of the following state will host the 9th World Ayurveda Congress & Arogya Expo in December 2022? Goa
256. Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan has inaugurated IInvenTiv – the first-ever allIITs Research and Development (R&D) Showcase at which IIT? IIT Delhi
257. Senior IFS officer Partha Satpathy has been appointed as India’s next Ambassador to which country? Bosnia & Herzegovina
258. Indian women’s team won the Women’s Asia Cup 2022 title after defeating Sri Lanka by eight wickets in the final. Which country hosted the Women’s Asia Cup 2022? Bangladesh
259. Which city has won the ‘World Green City award 2022’? Hyderabad
260. International Day for the Eradication of Poverty 2022 is observed every year on which day? 17 October
261. The International Cricket Council has recently entered into a partnership with UNICEF to _______? Promote gender equality
262. Which of the following is the only State to achieve Jal Jeevan Mission target for 2022 Q1 and Q2? Tamil Nadu
263. Which of the following has recently partnered with Arya.ag, FWWB India to strengthen value chain in agriculture, allied sectors? UNDP
264. What is the theme for World Food Day 2022? Leave NO ONE behind
265. Recently, who was awarded the Sports Journalists’ Federation of India (SJFI) medal for 2019? Badminton legend Prakash Padukone
266. Recently, Rudrankksh Patil won gold in men’s 10m air rifle event in the ISSF World Championship here, becoming the _____ Indian to achieve the feat ? Second (first was Abhinav Bindra)
267. Who has inaugurated the PM Kisan Samman Sammelan 2022 at Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi? PM Narendra Modi
268. Union Home and Cooperation Minister Amit Shah has launched an MBBS course in Hindi for the first time in the country in which city? Bhopal, MP
269. India has hosted which edition of the General Assembly of the International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) from 18-21 October in New Delhi? 90th
270. Who has been appointed as India’s Ambassador to the Slovak Republic? Apoorva Srivastava
271. Who has released a book titled ‘Pandemic Disruptions and Odisha’s Lessons in Governance’? Odisha CM Naveen Patnaik
272. World Food Day is observed every year on which day? 16 October
273. World Trauma Day is observed every year on which day? 17 October
274. __________ is marked as Global Handwashing Day, with the aim of increasing awareness and understanding about the importance of handwashing ? 15 October
275. What is the theme of Global Handwashing Day 2022? Unite for Universal Hand Hygiene
276. Name the 50th Chief Justice of India, who replace present Chief Justice of India Uday Umesh Lalit? Justice DY Chandrachud
277. Who among the following has been appointed as new CEO of Adani Airports? Arun Bansal
278. Who has won the Britain’s Booker Prize 2022 for fiction for his work “The Seven Moons of Maali Almeida”? Sri Lankan author, Shehan Karunatilaka
279. Who was awarded the Sir Syed Excellence Award 2022 by the Aligarh Muslim University (AMU)? Noted American historian Prof. Barbara Metcalf
280. Who has scripted history in the ongoing Aimchess Rapid online tournament as he defeated Magnus Carlsen, thereby becoming the youngest player? India teenager Donnarumma Gukesh
281. CERT-In in collaboration with Power-CSIRTs, successfully designed & conducted the Cyber Security Exercise “PowerEX”, what was the theme of the exercise? Defending Cyber induced disruption in IT & OT infrastructure
282. Sweden’s parliament elected Moderates leader ___________ as the country’s new prime minister ? Ulf Kristersson
283. Union MoS for Electronics & Information Technology Rajeev Chandrasekhar has flagged off the first SemiconIndia Future Design roadshow in which state? Gujarat
284. The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has announced that the Asian Cup football tournament 2023 will be held in which of the following country? Qatar
285. Which of the following has conducted Indian Navy Sailing Championship 2022 from 18th- 21st October at Marakkar Watermanship Training Centre in Kerala? Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala
286. In October 2022, Kaustubh Kulkarni was elevated as the head of JP Morgan India, the multi-national bank has its headquarters in which country? USA
287. Who among the following has been elected as a member of the prestigious Academia Ophthalmological Internationalis (AOI) in October 2022? Dr. Prashant Garg
288. Who among the following has been appointed as the news Controller General of Accounts (CGA)? Bharati Das
289. Who has won the Men’s Ballon d’Or (Golden Ball Award) 2022? Karim Benzema, French footballer (plays for Real Madrid)
290. Who has won the Women’s Ballon d’Or award or Ballon d’Or Féminin Award? Alexia Putellas, Spanish footballer
291. IT services major Infosys president Ravi Kumar S has resigned from his post. Where is the headquarters of Infosys? Bengaluru
292. Name the author of the book “A confused Mind story”. Sahil Seth
293. Who has been named the high-performance director (HPD) for Indian boxing? Former Irish professional boxer Bernard Dunne
294. Which of the following country filed has filed an application seeking a Geographical Indication (GI) tag for Nihonshu (an alcoholic beverage) ? Japan
295. Serbian scientists have named a new species of beetle after the tennis player ___________? Novak Djokovic, a Serbian tennis player
296. Who has partnered with the Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) to provide a ’travel now pay later’ (TNPL) payment option? CASHe
297. Union Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas Hardeep Singh Puri has inaugurated Asia’s largest Compressed Bio Gas (CBG) plant in which state? Lehragaga, Sangrur, Punjab
298. Who has topped among all govt depts for resolving public grievances in the rankings report published by the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances for September 2022? The Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI)
299. Who has been appointed as Interim CEO of Paytm Payments Bank? Deependra Singh Rathore
300. Which insurance company has launched a new scheme ‘Dhan Varsha’? Life Insurance Corporation (LIC)
301. World osteoporosis day is observed every year on which day? 20 October
302. As per the latest data released by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, ________ became the largest landline service provider in the country for the first time, in August ? Reliance Jio
303. The World Bank has appointed who among the following as the chairman of the Court of Arbitration regarding the disagreement between India and Pakistan on Indus Water Treaty on Kishenganga and Ratle hydroelectric power
Sean Murphy
304. Indian Embassy in which country has organized its much sought-after annual flagship cultural program ‘SARANG’ in October 2022? Seoul, South Korea
305. World Statistics Day 2022 is celebrated annually on ________ to recognize the importance of statistics in our daily lives? October 20th
306. Google has signed a Memorandum of Understanding to support and accelerate the mission to promote digital growth and development with which of the following State governments? Assam
307. What is the theme of World Statistics Day 2022? Data for Sustainable Development
308. What is the theme of the World Osteoporosis Day 2022? Step Up For Bone Health
309. Which state has inaugurated the first English medium general degree college of the state in the city with 100 intake capacity? Tripura
310. Which state Wildlife Board has approved a new reserve for tigers named called Durgavati Tiger Reserve? Madhya Pradesh
311. Which of the following country is hosting the Global Youth Climate Summit at Khulna ? Bangladesh
312. Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services has partnered with which payment bank to further enhance credit access to a larger customer base? India Post Payments Bank
313. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Mission Schools of Excellence at Trimandir in which of the following state? Gujarat
314. Who has been appointed as the Chairman and Managing Director of the India Trade Promotion Organization (ITPO)? Pradeep Kharola
315. Who among the following won the Meltwater Champions Chess Tour title in October 2022? Magnus Carlsen
316. Who among the following has been appointed as the Defence Secretary in Government of India in October 2022? Aramane Giridhar
317. India and France have been re-elected as President and Co-President of the International Solar Alliance, who among the following has been elected as the President of ISA in October 2022? Union Power and New and Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh
318. ________ has been observed as National Police Commemoration Day in honour of the martyrs. 21 October
319. Name the official mascot of the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023 ? Tazuni, a fun, footballloving penguin
320. Which states has achieved the top ranks in the country under the ‘Best Performing State’ category in the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Urban scheme? Uttar Pradesh bagged the first position followed by Madhya Pradesh and Tamil Nadu at second and third place, respectively.
321. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched Mission LIFE at which of the following state? Gujarat
322. The Fifth Khelo India Youth Games 2022 will be held in which of the following state? Madhya Pradesh
323. The 14th World Spice Congress will be held from 16 to 18 February 2023 at CIDCO Exhibition and Convention Centre in which state? Maharashtra
324. Which of the following Union Territories was named as the ‘Best performing UT’ in the 2021 Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban)? Jammu and Kashmir
325. International Stuttering Awareness Day (ISAD) or International Stammering Awareness Day is celebrated on __________. October 22
326. Who has topped as the most generous person in the country with an annual donation of Rs 1,161 crore, the EdelGive Hurun India Philanthropy List 2022? HCL founder Shiv Nadar
327. Which state/UT has launched the ‘Diye Jalao, Patake Nahin’ (light up lamps, not firecrackers) campaign? Delhi
328. Which dish has recently won the ‘Most Popular GI’ award in food items category? Telangana’s Hyderabadi Haleem
329. Which ministry will organise ‘Kashi Tamil Sangamam’, a month-long programme, from the 16 Nov 2022 in Varanasi? Ministry of Education
330. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation has granted an aerodrome licence to Jeypore airport. It is located in which state? Odisha
331. Which of the following state government in association with the US Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched the “Out-of-Forest Trees in India (TOFI)” program? Assam
332. Diwali will be a public school holiday in which city (outside India) from 2023? New York
333. Which IIT has been conferred the ‘National Intellectual Property Awards 2021 and 2022’ by the Government of India? IIT Madras
334. Which of the following strong cyclones made its landfall in Bangladesh bringing heavy rains to the coastal areas of West Bengal, Odisha and North Eastern States? Sitrang
335. The European Parliament has awarded its top human rights prize ‘Sakharov Prize for freedom of thought’ to _____ ? People of Ukraine
336. Who is set to become the first Asian American to appear on US currency? Anna May Wong
337. As per recent newspaper report, Netherlands has emerged as India’s third-largest export destination, ahead of China and Bangladesh. Which is the largest and second largest Export Destinations of India? The US and the UAE continue to be the largest and second-largest export destinations, respectively, for India.
338. Who has won the 2022 Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix 2022? Belgium’s Max Verstappen of Red Bull
339. Which state/UTs has launched “Main Bhi Subhash” campaign? Ladakh
340. Which team has won the Air Force Lawn Tennis Championship 2022-23 held at Head Quarter MC, Vayusena Nagar, Nagpur? Western Air Command
341. Jakson Green has signed an MoU with which of the following state governments to invest Rs 22,400 crore to set up a green hydrogen and green ammonia project, in phases in the state? Rajasthan
342. Which agency has released a press note on Employment Outlook of the country covering the period September, 2017 to August, 2022 based on the administrative records available with selected government agencies? National Statistical Office
343. Researchers from NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory and which Institute in India have studied the interactions between microbes in the International Space Station in October 2022? IIT Madras
344. In October 2022, which soft drinks has become a $1-billion brand in the Indian market? Sprite
345. The government appointed _______ as the acting chairperson of the Competition Commission of India (CCI). Sangeeta Verma
346. Indian Army Infantry Day is celebrated on October 27 every year. This year Indian army celebrates its _____ Infantry Day. 76th
347. ______ has bagged the Union Home Minister’s Trophy for the “Best Police Training Institution for Training of Gazetted Officers for the year 2020-21”? National Industrial Security Academy
348. Who was called the dirtiest man in the world (passed away recently) ? Amou Haji, an Iranian
349. The Accession Day of Jammu and Kashmir on _______ with the Union of India is being celebrated across the Union Territory. 26th October
350. Which film has been declared the best Indian film of all time by the International Federation of Film Critics (FIPRESCI)? Legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray’s feature “Pather Panchali”
351. Who has been elected as the chairperson of the United Nations’ specialized aviation agency’s Air Transport Committee (ATC)? Shefali Juneja (India’s representative to ICAO)
352. Bestu Varas or the _________ New Year is celebrated a day after Diwali on the Pratipada Tithi in the month of Kartik ? Gujarati
353. Who has launched a one-time property tax amnesty scheme “SAMRIDDHI 202223”? LG of Delhi Vinai Kumar Saxena
354. Which of the following Stock Exchange has launched Electronic Gold Receipt (EGR) on its platform recently? Bombay Stock Exchange
355. International Animation Day is observed every year on which day? 28 October
356. Recently Gujarat was declared as a ‘Har Ghar Jal’ state. Earlier, which state and UT had become the first ‘Har Ghar Jal’ certified State and UT in the country? -Goa (state) -Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Daman & Diu (UT)
358. Who has presented the Silver Trumpet and Trumpet Banner to the President’s Bodyguard (PBG) at a ceremony held in Rashtrapati Bhavan, Delhi? President Droupadi Murmu
359. Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi is the 10th busiest airport in the world. Which of the following airport topped the list? Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, USA
360. Which state has launched a common credit portal SAFAL’ (Simplified Application for Agricultural Loans) for the welfare of farmers? Odisha
361. Elon Musk completes acquisition of Twitter in how much amount? $44 billion
362. The Defence ministry organised the ‘Shaurya Diwas’ celebrations in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir (J&K) on __________ to commemorate the 75th year of air landed operations of the Indian Army at Budgam Airport in 1947 ? October 27
363. The government of India will set-up branches of the National Investigation Agency (NIA) in all the states by _______ to deal with terrorism cases. 2024
364. Which company tie-up with European Aviation Major Airbus to manufacture C-295 transport aircraft for IAF in Gujarat? TATA
365. The Minister of State for External Affairs V Muraleedharan has announced that 12th World Hindi Conference to be held in which country? Fiji
366. Which defence organisation has tie-up with Drone Federation of India to promote indigenous drone technology? Indian Navy

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