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HP Budget 2019-20

HP Budget 2019-20


-An outlay of Rs.7,100 crore has been proposed for the Annual Plan 2019-20 which is 12.7 percent (Rs.800 crore) more than the approved outlay of Rs.6,300 crore for Annual Plan 2018-19. This increase in the Annual Plan outlay is the highest during the past few years. Out of the proposed outlay of Rs.7,100 crore, Rs.1,788 crore is proposed for Scheduled Caste Sub Component Plan, Rs.639 crore for Tribal Sub Plan and Rs.80 crore for Backward Area Sub Plan.

GOOD GOVERNANCE : “Jan Manch”, “Mukhya Mantri Portal”, “Monitoring and Quality Check Cell” in the office of the Chief Minister etc. are some initiatives which have been instrumental in providing impetus to the development process. These initiatives have also helped in improving service delivery and governance.

The Jan Manch has helped in redressing grievances of people living in remote areas of the State.

Imp facts : 

-The limit for posing projects to NABARD for funding MLA Priority Schemes will be increased to Rs.105 crore per Assembly Constituency ( currently it is 90 Cr Rupees.

Outlay under Vidhayak Kshetra Vikas Nidhi Yojna will be increased to Rs.1.50 crore per Assembly Constituency ( present limit is Rs.1.25 crore).

The Discretionary Grant per MLA will be increased to Rs.8 lakh (from the existing limit of Rs.7 lakh ) per Assembly Constituency.

Hon’ble MLAs will be able to recommend sports material and equipment worth Rs.25, 000 per registered Yuvak Mandal out of Vidhayak Kshetra Vikas Nidhi Yojna.

The existing guidelines for implementation of “Vidhayak Kashetra Vikas Nidhi Yojna” have provision for assistance up to Rs.20,000 for purchase of Durries, Furniture and Utensils for registered Mahila Mandals. This limit has been increased to Rs. 25,000.

Loktantre Prehari Samman Rashi of Rs.11,000 : During internal emergency of 1975, lot of people were arrested under MISA ( Maintenance of internal security act ,1971). a large number of people in Himachal Pradesh were also arrested without assigning any reason. They were sent to jail and tortured. As a token Of respect for such persons, an annual Loktantre Prehari Samman Rashi of Rs.11,000 will be given.

Government has been making continuous efforts to encourage use of Information Technology. There are 52 G2C (Government to Citizen) services which are being currently provided through E-district Portal. It is proposed to bring 136 more such services on the E-district Portal.

Lok Suraksha Kendra” : With the establishment of this Centre, a large number of services will be provided, in case of emergency, from a single platform using Information Technology. This Centre will help in surveillance of traffic movement, crowd management, criminal activities, disaster management etc. with the help of CCTV cameras.

“Mukhya Mantri Helpline” : for timely redress of public grievances, a “Mukhya Mantri Helpline” is announced to be set up. Any person can register his/her complaint via a telephone call. The complaint will be forwarded to the concerned officers immediately after it is registered. If the concerned officer is not able to redress the complaint within a specified time period, the complaint will be escalated to the next higher officer. The officers will resolve the complaints within a specified time period. this help line will bring accountability, while dealing with public complaints.

MyGov Portal : For effective engagement with public, MyGov Portal will be started. This initiative will enable a dialogue with the citizens and experts while formulating public policies.


An IT Park will be established in Gaggal , Kangra district with the help of Software Technology Park of India (STPI). This will help attract private investment and create additional employment opportunities in the State.

Private investment will be solicited to make the long delayed IT Park in village Mauja Majhol , Waknaghat of Solan District functional.( This IT Park was first to get sanction in HP (2007) but the project could not be successful due to lack of enthusiasm in investors) (earlier in July 2018, Union minister Ravishankar Prasad and CM Jai ram Thakur laid foundation stone of an IT park in Mehli.)

“HIMACHAL GRIHINI SUVIDHA YOJNA” : The Central Government had launched “Ujjwala Yojna” to provide Gas connection to the poor people. Nearly 86,000 families in the State have been extended benefits under this scheme thus far. To cater to left out families in the State, the State Government started a new scheme “Himachal Grihini Suvidha Yojna” during 2018-19. Under this scheme the beneficiaries are provided assistance worth Rs.3,500 in the shape of Gas Stove, Cylinder, Regulator, Pipe and security. About 49,000 households have already benefited under this State scheme. Advantage :

  1. women will be able to avoid smoke and related diseases once this scheme achieves
  2. This scheme also contributes to environment

The households without any female member will also be eligible for getting benefit under the scheme, subject to fulfilment of other eligibility criteria of the scheme. HP govt have announced to cover all the left out eligible households of the State under this scheme during 2019-20. With this, Himachal Pradesh will become first State of the country with all the households having an LPG connection. All the beneficiaries under “Himachal Grihini Suvidha Yojna” and “Ujjwala” Yojna will be provided an additional LPG refill cylinder free of cost. This will benefit about 2 lakh households in the State. Rs.20 crore has been proposed for this scheme during 2019-20.


-The Central Government in the budget for 2019-20, has made a historical announcement to provide an assured income support to small and marginal farmers with land holding less than 2 hectares, at the rate of Rs.6,000 per annum under the “Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi”. Since 90 percent of the farmers in HP are small and marginal, a very large number of our farmers will be benefitted.

HP Government is committed to double the farmer’s income by 2022. In this direction, it has started “Prakritik Kheti Khushhal Kisan scheme ( PKKKY)” in 2018-19. This scheme will continue in 2019-20 also.

-To protect standing crops of farmers, subsidy for solar fencing under “Mukhya Mantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojna” will continue to be provided to the farmers. 50 percent Subsidy is announced for installing Barbed Wire or Chain Link Fence under this scheme.

Jal Se Krishi Ko Bal” : this scheme was started in 2018-19 to ensure the irrigation. Rs.50 crore is proposed for this scheme during 2019-20.

“Saur Sinchai Yojna” : this scheme was started in 2018-19. Solar Energy is used for pumping and lifting water under the scheme, which helps in reducing input costs in farm operations. Rs.30 crore is proposed for this scheme during 2019-20.

Electricity charges being paid by farmers for irrigation will be reduced from 75 paisa to 50 paisa per unit. ( last year i.e in 2018-19 it was reduced from Re.1 to 75 Paisa per unit ). This will help in reducing agricultural costs and will benefit farmers of the State.

A scheme “Himachal Pradesh Flood and River Management Project” with the first phase costing Rs.1,235 crore and second phase costing Rs.1,850 crore will be started with the assistance of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

The execution of Swan River Flood Management Project and Chhonch Khad Channelization Project will be speeded up.

“Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna” and “New Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme” are being implemented in Himachal Pradesh since Kharif-2016 season. New crops like Cauliflower in Lahaul & Spiti, and Potato in Una district will be covered under New Weather Based Crop Insurance Scheme from the next Kharif-2019 season.

“Mukhya Mantri Kisaan Evam Khetihar Majdoor Jeevan Suraksha Yojna” : under this existing scheme in the state, the insurance benefit has been enhanced from Rs.1.50 lakh to Rs.3 lakh in the event of death and doubling of the existing compensation of Rs.50,000 in case of disability. 

A new “Mukhya Mantri Nutan Poly House Project” with a total cost of Rs.150 crore will be started. About 5,000 Poly Houses will be constructed by providing 85 percent subsidy. It will be ensured that demand of all the interested farmers is fully met. This project will be phased from 2019-20 to 2022-23, and is expected to provide employment to about 20,000 persons. Earlier

Note : Existing “Deendayal Upadhyay Kisaan Bagwan Yojna”, will terminate in March, 2019.

AGRICULTURAL MARKETING : Out of 59 Agricultural Markets of the State, 19 have already been linked to E-NAM (Electronic-National Agriculture Market) portal. CM proposed to link 10 more markets to this portal during 2019-20.

-6 New Market Yards are also proposed to be established during 2019-20.

-HP Government will start Rs.423 crore Integrated Mushroom Development Project with the help of an external funding agency after approval from the Government of India.

-A new Mukhyamatri Khumb Vikaas Yojna will be started during 2019-20.

-The State Government has posed “Himachal Pradesh Subtropical Horticulture, Irrigation and Value Addition (SHIVA)” project with a total cost of Rs.1,688 crore, for funding by Asian Development Bank, after approval from the Government of India.

-20,000 hectare will be brought under Sub-tropical Fruits under this project.

-It is proposed to use Embryo Transfer Technology for protecting and promoting indigenous Sahiwal and Red Sindhi breeds of cows under Rashtriya Gokul Mission. Rs.2 crore will be spent for this purpose. A breeding farm for Sahiwal and Red Sindhi breeds of cows will be set up at a cost of Rs.11 crore with a view to protect and promote breeding of cows of indigenous breed.

Subsidy of 50 percent, with the maximum limit of Rs.25,000 will be provided for purchase of cows of indigenous breed, to those farmers who are engaged in natural farming.

-it is proposed to provide 85 percent subsidy to farmers living below poverty line for purchase of goats.

-Farmers living above poverty line will be provided goats with a subsidy of 60 percent.

-It is also proposed to import improved varieties of sheep at cost of Rs.8 crore under “Rashtriya Pashu Dhan Mission” during 2019-20. This will help in getting rid of the problem of inbreeding and will also increase wool productivity.

-A Murrah buffalo farm will be established in the State under “Rashtriya Gokul Mission” at an estimated cost of Rs.11 crore. A Gokul Gram will also be established at an estimated cost of Rs.34 crore under this scheme.

-An additional capacity of 50,000 litres a day will be installed in the Milk Processing Plant in Duttnagar (Rampur). Additional capacity of 50,000 litres a day will also be created in Milk Processing Plant Chakkar, Mandi. 

-FISHING : It is proposed to establish 2 trout hatcheries in collaboration with the private sector. State Government will establish a smoked trout and fillet canning centre in Kullu district in partnership with private sector. Three retail outlets, one each in Kangra, Chamba and Shimla district, will also be established in the private sector to ensure appropriate marketing support.

-A new scheme Mukhya Mantri Gram Kaushal Yojna” is announced which will help in imparting necessary skills to the artisans in traditional arts and help them in having an assured source of income.

-Financial assistance of Rs.1.30 lakh is being provided for construction of houses under various housing schemes in the State. CM has announced that the State Government shall now provide an additional financial support of Rs.20,000 per beneficiary from its own resources for construction of houses. Hence, the total financial assistance under these housing schemes will be enhanced to Rs.1.50 lakh now.

“Mukhya Mantri Awaas Yojna has a provision for assistance up to Rs.25,000 per beneficiary for undertaking repairs in rural areas. State govt has announced to increase this assistance to Rs.35,000.

FOREST CONSERVATION : earlier, state Government had started 2

schemes viz. Samudayik Van Samvardhan Yojna and “Vidyarthi Van Mittar Yojna in 2018-19. The objectives of these two schemes were to increase awareness in the society about forest management and conservation, and to help ensure people’s participation in these activities. It is proposed to continue both these schemes during 2019-20. Under Samudayik Van Samvardhan Yojna, afforestation and works related to soil and water conservation will beundertaken on 350 hectare land. Under “Vidyarthi Van Mittar Yojna”, 150 schools will be selected, and trees will be planted in the notified forest area adjoining these schools.

-a scheme Ek Buta Beti Ke Naam is launched in this (2019-20) budget to sensitize people about the importance of daughters and forest conservation.

-Land measuring about 2 lakh hectare is affected by Lantana Grass in the State. Lantana not only harms the forest wealth, but it also renders culturable land uncultivable. During 2019-20, Lantana Grass will be removed from 4,000 hectare of land and trees of local species will be planted in the cleared land.

  • a new Mukhya Mantri Green Technology Transfer Scheme is announced. This scheme aims to provide support for transfer of green technologies to Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) and Self Help Groups (SHGs), who will be provided financial support to establish their green technology based ventures.
  • Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment at micro watershed level is proposed to be carried out in various Panchayats of Satluj Basin in the districts of Kinnaur, Shimla, Kullu, Solan, Mandi, Una and Bilaspur during 2019-20.
  • A new Integrated Cooperative Development Projects will be started in the districts of Una and Chamba during 2019-20. Under these projects, horticulture, agriculture, dairy, irrigation, marketing, processing and packaging, tourism, adventure sports etc. will be encouraged to increase commercial activities of the cooperatives.

-DISASTER MANAGEMENT : earlier on 8th Aug 2018, PM Mr Modi had announced the setting-up of 4 Battalions of National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) in 4 states ( one each ) i,e, J&K , HP, UK, NCR Delhi.

-soon HP govt will establish its own State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) to enable the State Government to respond effectively in case of any calamity.

DRINKING WATER : A new scheme “Mukhya Mantri Swajal Yojna is announced. Under the scheme, the Households belonging to economically weaker sections will be provided pipe length up to 50 meters at a subsidy of 50 percent to supply tap water within the house.

  • INDUSTRIAL DEVELOPMENT : it is proposed to bring out a new Micro, Small and Medium Industrial Policy to promote Small and Medium Enterprises with special emphasis on encouraging women entrepreneurs, local youth and to establish manufacturing and service based enterprises.

–  HP Government will develop new Industrial Areas in :

Channour in Kangra

Gehrwin in Bilaspur

Basouli Bangarh in Una district.

-The Ministry of Food Processing, Government of India has included Pandoga industrial area in Una, Kandrouri industrial area in Kangra and Aduwal industrial area in Solan, in the list of approved food parks.

The Food Processing Units established in these parks will also be eligible for 50 percent subsidy on additional investment under Kisan Sampada Yojna” of the Government of India.

-HP Government will hold a ‘Global Investors Summit’ in Dharamshala in 2019 to attract investment in the State on a sustainable basis.

  • “Mukhya Mantri Swablamban Yojna was started in 2018-19 to encourage local youth to establish their own enterprises. In view of suggestions received from the public, the maximum age limit for applying under the scheme will be increased from 35 years to 45 years, and the project cost limit (including working capital) will be increased from Rs.40 lakh to 60 lakh.
  • Baddi – Barotiwala – Nalagarh Industrial area is the main industrial hub of the State. The main roads falling in this industrial area will be upgraded as part of the World Bank funded Road Infrastructure Project during 2019-20.
  • A new scheme “Mukhya Mantri Dastkar Sahayata Yojna” is announced to help artisans and craftsmen (engaged in traditional arts) in purchasing new tools from time to time. Rural artisans living below poverty line will be provided a subsidy of 75 percent on the purchase of tools up to a cost of 30,000.

-ENERGY : It is proposed to commission a 2 MW solar power plant in Kaza through Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board ( HPSEB) during 2019-20.

  • a new scheme Mukhya Mantri Roshni Yojna is announced for poor families. The poor households

will not have to pay any service connection charges for a new energy connection.

  • TOURISM : The State Government will prepare a New Tourism Policy for holistic development of tourism in the State. The State also has immense Eco-Tourism
  • A “Pong Area Development Board will be constituted for the integrated and planned development of the Pong area. This Board shall draw up policies and plans to promote tourism and culture in the area, and also help generate employment opportunities.
  • Himachal is widely known as Dev Bhumi. It is announced that a “Shiv Dham” will be established in Mandi district with the dual objectives of promoting tourism and conserving religious heritage of the State. Replicas of 12 Jyotirlingas will be established at this site to attract

-ALight and Sound Show at two sites in Shimla will be started soon.

-State will also endeavour to start another one in Kullu district, which will project the Dev Sanskriti of the State. This will encourage more tourists to visit the State and to learn about the local culture .

  • It is proposed to start restoration of Bantony Castle in Shimla, Aarti on the banks of river Beas in Mandi on the pattern of the Aarti performed in Varanasi, and construction of a cultural centre in Janjhehli ( Mandi) during 2019-20. Tattapani is also proposed to be developed and promoted as a religious tourism and water sports destination.
  • earlier, HP Government started a new scheme Nai Rahen– Nai Manzilen during 2018-19 to promote tourism in the This scheme will be continued during 2019-20 with an outlay of Rs.50 crore.
  • HP Government is making efforts to establish an international airport in the State. Nagchala in Mandi district has been found to be a suitable site for construction of such an international level airport.


  • it is proposed to connect the 3 airports (Gaggal, Bhuntar and Jubbarhatti) of the State with one Helipad each in Mandi, Kullu and Solan districts and three helipads of Shimla district under Regional Connectivity Scheme (RCS) – Udaan-II.
  • it is also proposed to start Heli-Taxi services from Chandigarh to Shimla, Shimla to Kullu and Shimla to Dharamshala during 2019-20.

-TRANSPORT : It is proposed to introduce modern Integrated Public Transport Management System (IPTMS), with an aim to make the journey of the commuters comfortable. The commuters will be able to make cashless transactions during their journey, see the bus time table online and the exact location of the vehicle will be known using GPS, once this system is established.

  • State Government has established the Ropeway and Rapid Transport System Development Corporation (RRTDC) in the Transport department of the State. The RRTDC will get a prefeasibility study conducted to establish overhead mass rapid transportation system in Shimla and Manali Towns. The RRTDC will also explore the possibility of developing ropeway and other alternate modes of transportation in partnership with the private sector.

It is proposed to initiate necessary formalities for construction of ropeways to Bagla Mukhi Temple in Mandi district and Neugal in Palampur during 2019-20.

  • The construction work of Bus Stands in Karsog, Barchhwar (Sarkaghat), Theog and Paonta Sahib will be completed on priority during 2019-20.
  • It is proposed to establish state of the art driving test tracks in Baddi (solan) and Jasoor (Kangra), to fully automate driving tests before a driving licence is issued.
  • In the event of death of an individual in road accident, Ex-Gratia Grant of 1 lakh is provided to the dependents of the deceased person under the Himachal Pradesh Yatri Anugrah Purvak Anudaan Yojna as per the current provisions.

-Presently, the Ex-Gratia Grant given in case of a child, less than 12 years of age, is Rs.50,000. It is announced by CM that equal Ex-gratia Grant of Rs.1 lakh will be provided to all, irrespective of age. 

EDUCATION : Himachal Pradesh has 10,657 Elementary Schools, 1,996 Middle Schools, 922 High Schools and 1,836 Sr. Secondary Schools. In addition, the State has 137 Colleges and 1 B.Ed. College. One Central University and 7 other Universities in the public sector are also functional in the State. All these institutions are in the Government sector.

-3,252 private educational institutions are supplementing the efforts of the Government in providing education.

  • State Government had started Atal Aadarsh Vidya Kendra Yojna” during 2018-19 to improve the quality of education in the State. It is announce that 15 new Atal Aadarsh Vidya Kendras will be established in 2019-20.
  • a new scheme C.V. Raman Virtual Classroom Yojna is announced to launch in the year 2019-20. In the 1st phase, Virtual Classrooms will be established in 10 colleges located in remote areas of the State.
  • a new scheme “Atal Nirmal Jal Yojna in announced. All the Government schools in the State will be provided Water Filters in a phased manner, so that clean drinking water is made available to the students of the State.
  • a new scheme “Khel Se Swasthya Yojna in announced to encourage participation of schools and college students in sports. In the first phase, Kabaddi Mats, Judo Mats and Wrestling Mats shall be provided in 50 schools and colleges. In other selected educational institutions, Track & Field, Boxing Rings, Weight Lifting equipment shall be provided.
  • it is announce that the honorarium given to Mid-Day workers will be increased to 2,000.

-The honorarium to Water Carriers in schools will be increased to Rs.2,400.

-Presently 149 Technical Education institutions, including 127 ITIs, are imparting vocational and technical education in the Government sector. There are 5 Government Engineering colleges in the State. In the private sector, there are 195 such technical institutes, which includes 147 it is and 14 Engineering Colleges.

–  5 new it is will be started i,e one each in :

*Bhanjradu and Salooni in Chamba district

*Amboya and Sataun in Sirmour district

*Ladbharol in Mandi district

-In addition, two new Polytechnic Institutes will be opened in Karsog (Mandi) and Dalash (kullu). 

  • State Government will start a newNAVDHARNA This scheme will provide assistance to the disabled youth for undertaking various skill development programmes, thereby enabling them to find employment.
  • CM has announced that Sanskrit language will be declared as the 2nd official language of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Recently, some evidence has been found which indicates existence of historical remains of Archaeological value in Spiti area of Lahaul & Spiti District and Sirmour district. It is proposed to start archaeological excavation at these two sites.

– SPORTS : HP Government has taken a decision to construct at least two big multipurpose playgrounds in each Assembly Constituency of the State under Mukhya Mantri Yuva Nirman Yojna in a phased manner. These playgrounds ideally would have the dimensions of a football field wherever land is available, with a facility of Gym. The State Government will contribute Rs.15 lakh per ground. For any expenditure over and above Rs.15 lakh, It is propose to converge with MNREGA, Vidhayak Kshetra Vikas Nidhi Yojna, MPLADS and 14th Finance Commission Grants. This will help to engage the youth in socially and physically productive endeavours.

  • It is also proposed to start a newKhel Kud Pratibha Khoj Karyakram during 2019-20. This scheme will enable identification of talent during various sports events organized the State. Such talent will be further trained to prepare them for participation in the events at National and International levels.
  • The award money given to the winners of senior national, junior national, national, school games and inter universities sports events, will be doubled to promote the local sports talent.
  • new schemeKalakar Protsahan Yojna is announced to encourage talented children and youth of the State, who join various courses in performing arts and other courses related to Performing Arts in reputed institutes of the country. One time grant of 75,000 will be provided to such children and youth selected for studying in these institutes.

-PRESS : it is announce that all the accredited correspondents (journalists) at the State and district level will be provided a Lap-Top, enabling them to reduce time taken in collecting and collating the information. It is also proposed to increase the financial assistance being given under “Patarkar Kalyan Yojna” in the event of death of a serving journalist from Rs.2 lakh to Rs.4 lakh and for retired journalist from Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh.

– HEALTH : There are about 4,320 health institutions in the Government sector including hospitals, dispensaries, medical education institutes and ayurvedic institutions in the State.

  • There are about 258 health institutions including medical education institutions, in the private
  • An All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) is also being established in district Bilaspur with the assistance of Government of India.
  • HP Government will start “Sampuran Swashthya Yojna in the State. In the first phase of this scheme, 12 medical institutions including some district hospitals will be upgraded to Sampuran Hospitals. All the necessary facilities will be made available in these Sampuran Hospitals. In addition, a mechanism will be devised to ensure online monitoring of all referral cases at tertiary health centres.

-The Cath Labs be established in partnership with the private sector in Lal Bahadur Shastri Medical College Mandi and Dr. Y.S. Parmar Government Medical College, Nahan in 2019-20, providing necessary facilities to treat heart related ailments.

  • It is also announce that a State of Art Digital Subtraction Angiography Machine will be established in Indira Gandhi Medical College Shimla which will help in early diagnosis of ailments related to brain, cancer, lungs, intestine, uterus and kidneys etc.

A mother and child care wing, with a capacity of 100 beds, will also be established in Jawahar Lal Nehru Government Medical College and Hospital Chamba. This will enable provision of services to the people living in remote areas of Chamba at the district headquarter.

  • it is also announced to have the provision of one modern ambulance equipped with emergency equipment and ventilator at all the Government Medical Colleges in the
  • State Government has decided to establish a mechanism to provide cochlear implants for such identified children who are deaf by birth under “Rashtriya Bal Swasthya Karyakram. Cochlear implant centres will be set up in Indira Gandhi Medical College, Shimla, Rajinder Prashad Medical College, Tanda and Lal Bahadur Shastri Medical College, Nerchowk.
  • Persons suffering from serious ailments such as Parkinson’s, Cancer, Paralysis, Muscular Dystrophy, Haemophilia, Thalassemia, Renal failure etc. require constant and continuous care. A new “Sahara” scheme is announced to provide financial support at the rate of 2,000 per month to such ailing persons who belong, to economically weaker sections.
  • The State has about 4,200 persons of all ages who are infected with HIV/AIDS. These infected persons are being provided diet allowance ranging from Rs.300 to Rs.800 per month depending on their age. It is announced to increase this allowance to 1,500 per month to all the infected patients, irrespective of their age. These infected persons will also be provided treatment free of cost.
  • The traffic in the industrial areas of Baddi-Barotiwala- Nalagarh has increased manifold and this has resulted in increase in the incidence of road accidents also. To facilitate immediate medical care to the persons injured in accidents, a Trauma Centre will be established in Baddi Barotiwala- Nalagarh industrial area.

-Another Trauma Centre will be established along the National Highway between Kalka and Shimla.

Red Cross Society in every district will be provided one Moksh (dead body) van. 

  • To encourage institutional deliveries, the grant being given to the mothers belonging to the Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and BPL families during delivery underJanani Suraksha Yojna will be enhanced from Rs.600 in rural areas and Rs.700 hundred in urban area, to a uniform grant of Rs.1,100 in both the areas.
  • The State has witnessed an increase in occurrence of breast and cervical cancer among women during the last few years. It is announced to have the provision of Mobile Diagnostic Vans for early detection and prevention of breast and cervical cancer. These mobile vans will function in close coordination with the Medical Colleges in the State.
  • HP Government has started HIM CARE Yojna for families not covered under “Ayushman Bharat” by providing health insurance cover up to Rs. 5 lakh. CM has announced that families of persons, who work for more than 50 days under MNREGA during the year, will be provided health insurance cover of Rs.5 lakh, without any insurance premium.

-This insurance cover shall be extended to all outsourced employees for a meagre sum of Re.1 per day.

  • ASHA workers have been making an important contribution in improving mother and child health care Their honorarium is increased from Rs.1,250 to Rs.1,500.
  • The State has 3 Government run Ayurvedic Pharmacies in Majra ( Sirmour), Paprola (Kangra ) and Jogindernagar (Mandi).
  • The Ayurveda department has taken the initiative to make Banjar Block in Kullu, Baijnath Block in Kangra and Basantpur block in Shimla, anaemia free. These efforts would be continued during 2019-20, and it is also proposed to cover three more development blocks under the initiative.


  • Widows less than 45 years of age will be assisted in upgrading their skills and getting employment. Reservation in admissions in ITIs and Nursing Institutions will be provided to them.
  • After Care Homes will be established for the orphans completing the age of 18 years. They will also be provided training.
  • Honorarium of the Anganwari workers, Mini Anganwari Workers and Anganwari helpers will be increased.
  • The social security pension of more than 5 lakh pensioners of the State will be increased.
  • War Memorial will be constructed in Nurpur.
  • The financial assistance for undergoing SSB coaching will be increased from Rs 6000 to Rs.12,000.
  • 100 police chowkis of the State will be designated as Reporting Police Chowkis so that FIRs can be registered in them. Head Constables will be authorized to investigate Excise Crime. Graduate Police Constable will also be authorized to investigate certain offences.

-“Yuva Navjeevan Board will be setup to develop a coordinated strategy to deal with trafficking and consumption of narcotics. Five de-addiction and rehabilitation centres will also be established.

  • Nearly 20,000 functional posts will be filled-up.
  • The State Government’s contribution of 10 percent under NPS will be increased to 14 percent. Necessary changes will be made in the policy for giving employment on compassionate grounds.
  • DA to employees and DR to pensioners at the rate of 4 percent will be given from 1st July,Class-IV employees who have completed 20 years of service and are already getting a grade pay of Rs.1,900 will be eligible for another increment.

-Many targets under the Sustainable Development Goals will be achieved by 2022 instead of 2030.

-Himachal Pradesh has got first rank in the ranking done by the NITI Aayog in the efforts being made to achieve Sustainable Development Goals.

-10 percent reservation will be provided to the general category in employment and educational institutions.

-During 2019-20, total revenue receipts are estimated at Rs. 33 thousand, 747 crore, whereas total revenue expenditure is estimated to be Rs. 36 thousand, 089 crore. Thus total revenue deficit is estimated at Rs. 2 thousand, 342 crore. Fiscal deficit is estimated to be Rs. 7 thousand, 352 crore which is 4.35 percent of the Gross State Domestic Product.

-Out of every hundred rupees to be spent by the Government, Rs. 27.84 will be spent on salaries, Rs. 15 on pension, Rs.10.25 on interest payment, Rs. 7.35 on loan repayment and Rs.39.56 will be spent on development works and other activities.

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